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It’s nearly time!

It’s nearly time!

With just over a week to go until the official publication date, I received a box of my very own, real life paperback copies of ‘How To Catch A (Rock) Star’ this afternoon! Wonderful surprise and I cannot stop myself from grinning like an idiot whenever I look on my bookshelf now.

2015-05-05 13.53.23

Best delivery ever!!!

I absolutely love this cover – it took a while to get there but I think it was worth all the emails and tweaking to get it just right. Over on Goodreads there’s even someone who commented (with Gifs and everything!) that she requested an ARC on Netgalley purely based on the cover, so I guess she loved it as much as I do!

final cover

Speaking of Goodreads, there are already some advance reviews on┬áthere and, for the most part, they are great. I know one day I will read my first bad review but, for now, I am revelling in the good ones and taking note of all the comments so that the next book in the series hits all the right notes (see what I did there? Music pun… sorry!).

So, in the next couple of days, I’ll be putting up a short story based on Lillie from ‘How To Catch A (Rock) Star’. Check back here soon!



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